• Add staff ILL authorizations

Add staff ILL authorizations


Performing the following procedure associates an ILL authorization with an institution's FirstSearch authorization.

Note: Contact an institution's ILL department for information on ILL authorizations. The ILL and FirstSearch authorizations must belong to the same institution.


  Action Result or Note
1 Click the Resource Sharing section of the main menu, then choose Authorizations from the drop-down list under Staff ILL Settings in the sidebar menu. The system displays the Authorizations screen.
2 In the Staff ILL Authorization field, type in an ILL authorization for your institution, then click the Add button. The authorization appears in the Staff ILL Authorization List field.

The system does not tell you whether or not the authorization is valid until you click Save Changes.
3 Click Save Changes. If you entered a valid authorization, the system responds with Staff ILL Authorizations screen changes saved.

If you entered an invalid authorization, the system responds with an error message. Possible invalid authorizations include:
  • Authorizations already linked to other FirstSearch authorizations for your institution
  • Authorizations that do not belong to the same institution as your FirstSearch account