• Direct Request Profiles overview

Direct Request Profiles overview

What is a direct request profile?

Direct Request automates your request process; it automatically sends patron-generated requests created in your system to WorldCat Resource Sharing for fulfillment.

What do I specify in my direct request profiles?

You create a direct request profile for every group of eligible requests, specifying:

  • Which requests are eligible for direct request
  • The custom holdings path (see Custom Holdings overview) for requests to selected lenders
  • A constant data record (see Constant Data overview) to apply to borrowing library information

What are the criteria for creating direct request profiles?

Every library has different criteria for creating direct request profiles. You are likely to group eligible requests and create your profiles based on the criteria most important to you. For example, based on your lending policies, your most important criterion may be whether an item is a loan or a photocopy. You may consider the patron's status to be the most important element and create profiles based on each patron status. Another perspective might be to focus on potential lenders, building profiles based on holdings paths.

What can the FirstSearch administrator do?

The Direct Request Profiles screen allows you to view, print, create, edit, and delete direct request profiles.