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Custom Holdings overview

What are custom holdings?

Custom holdings allow you to organize and customize holdings displays to improve access to the OCLC symbols of your preferred lenders. There are two types of custom holdings:

Custom holdings for monographs display system-suggested lender strings from the institutions listed on the custom holdings displays.

Custom holdings for serials display Union List data (if any) for your custom lenders.

Holdings groups and paths

To generate custom holdings displays and lender strings, the system uses holdings group records and holdings path records that you create for your institution.

A holdings group is a record that contains the OCLC symbols of preferred lenders for a particular category of borrowing activities. Examples: BKSLOCAL, BKSTATE, BKSREGN.

A holdings path is a record that contains the names of holdings groups appropriate to a set of requests. Within the holdings path record are listed holdings group records in order of borrowing preference.

What can the FirstSearch administrator do?

The Custom Holdings Groups screen allows you to view, print, create, edit, and delete custom holdings group records.

The Custom Holdings Paths screen allows you to view, print, create, edit, and delete custom holdings path records.

More information

  • See the Custom Holdings tutorial.
  • For step-by-step instructions, see the Custom Holdings section of the WorldCat Resource Sharing Quick Reference .