IP address recognition

4 What IP-address recognition cannot do

The following list describes limitations of IP-address recognition access to FirstSearch:

  • IP-address recognition makes no effort to ensure that an IP address has not been "spoofed" by software at the client site.
  • IP-address recognition cannot automatically update changes in authorizations or IP addresses. You must notify OCLC of such changes. However, you do not need to notify OCLC if your FirstSearch password changes. For information about notifying OCLC of changes, see Methods for setting up or changing IP-address recognition access to FirstSearch.
  • OCLC does not collect or distribute statistics based on IP addresses (i.e., usage statistics broken out by workstation or IP address). FirstSearch usage statistics are based on FirstSearch authorizations and are available at <  http://www.stats.oclc.org >.
  • A user accessing your library's web pages from a remote location cannot use IP-address recognition to log on to FirstSearch if the user's IP address, as it appears to FirstSearch, is not one that you specified for IP-address recognition. Remote access is supported by WebScript automatic logon scripting. Consult your library's system administrator to determine the best method for providing remote access to FirstSearch.