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Dates covered 1993 to present
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Keyword kw: pesticide+
Accession number no: cn008437117
Author au: messier
Author phrase au= chipperfield, m p
BL location bl: 0729.836310
Conference location cl: manchester
Conference name cn: european
Conference name phrase cn= European conference 9th
Conference sponsor sp: society
Conference sponsor phrase sp= american society of mechanical engineers
Date of conference dk: apr 1994
Editor ed: marletta
Editor phrase ed= marletta giovanni
Identifier id: astronomy
Language phrase ln= german
Notes nt: mountain
Publication date pd: 1994
Publisher pb: cambridge
Series title se: oncology
Series title phrase se= international journal of photoenergy
Source so: cardiology
Source phrase so= american ethnic rhetorics
Standard number sn: ISBN = 0080440711

ISSN = 0730-3564
Subject su: brain
Subject phrase su= neural networks robotics
Title ti: fire
Title phrase ti= Fighting fire with fire brain stimulation for the treatment of epilepsy
Year yr: 1998