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Keyword kw: parkinson
Abstract ab: hemolymphoid
Accession number no: 10977382

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Address ad: denver general becomes ljoumichedu

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Article type phrase at= clinical trial

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Author au: o'hara

Author phrase au= smith ab 3rd

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Central concept cc: placebo effect
Chemical substance cs: formaldehyde
Citation owner ow: nasa

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Corporate author phrase co= french university association for surgical research
Date of entry da: 19861015
Date of last revision ud: 20001218
Division sb: aim
Grant information gi: NEI
Identifier id: genetics
Identifier phrase id= nasa discipline exobiology
Issue is: 2
Language phrase ln= french

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MeSH heading mh: family
MeSH heading phrase mh= family practice
Molecular sequence ms: k01239
Named person phrase na= ewing j

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Notes nt: erratum
Number references nr: 448
Page (first) pg: 2
Place of publication pl: italy

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Publication date pd: 1998

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Record type phrase rt= dentistry

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Record status phrase rs= in-process

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Registry number rn: 50-00-0
Source so: viral immunol*
Source phrase so= viral immunology
Standard number sn: 0369-8394
SubHeading (MeSH) sh: genetics
SubHeading (MeSH) phrase sh= growth & development
Subject su: transplant+
Subject All sa= receptors serotonin genetics
Subject phrase su= corneal transplantation
Title ti: end-diastolic flow
Title phrase ti= compensatory response of colon tissue to dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis
Volume vo: 34
Year yr: 1998-1999