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Keyword kw: coffee or tea and house+

[keyword searches publication date, ISBN, geographic codes, map data, and the Author, Title, Notes, Publisher, Publisher location, and Subject indexes]
Access Method am: www netlibrary com (or) netlibrary

[omit http://, and use spaces instead of periods or slashes]
Accession Number no: 37993343

[OCLC number]
Author au: saint-arroman

(use single quotes around 'le' and other words that are operators; operators supported in FirstSearch: Boolean search operators, parentheses, proximity operators, wildcards; operators included are le, ge, it, gt, n, near, w, with, and, or, not)
Author Phrase au= saint-arroman august

(use double quotes around exact phrases; omit single quote from 'le' operator when the double quote is used to search for an exact phrase)
Corporate and Conference Name cn: netlibrary
Corporate and Conference Name Phrase cn= netlibrary inc.
Descriptor de: voice disorders
Descriptor Phrase de= voice disorders in children
Genre/Form ge: solo piano
Genre/Form Phrase ge= fiction
Geographic Coverage gc: cape
Geographic Coverage Phrase gc= cape cod
ISBN nb: 3196311821 or 31-9631-182-1

9780160760754 or 978-0-160760-75-4

[search with or without hyphens]
ISSN sn: 0000-0019

[use hyphens]
Language Phrase ln= kw:education and ln=spanish

(browse the index for a complete list of languages)
LC Control Number nl: ne64-2560 or ne64002560 or ne642560 or

64-2560 or 64002560 or 642560

(prefixes can be immediately connected to the number or removed; hyphens can be included or removed; the number is searchable as it is stored, with the year and then six digits with leading zeros for unused digits, or as it is often displayed, without zeros)
Material Type mt: juvenile
Material Type Phrase mt= elementary and junior high school
Musical Composition mc: jazz
Musical Composition Phrase mc= folk music
Named Corporation and Conference nc: world conference on women
Named Corporation and Conference Phrase nc= intel corporation
Named Person na: mandela
Named Person Phrase na= mandela nelson

(last name first with first comma retained)
Notes/Comments nt: translation-adaptation
Personal Name pn: lemaire
Personal Name Phrase pn= lemaire gerard-georges
Publisher pb: media
Publisher Phrase pb= new star media
Publisher Location pl: china
Series Title se: emb report
Series Title Phrase se= emb evaluation report
Standard Number sn: 1550463160 or 155-0463-160


(for all searches, hyphens can be included in the search or removed; for the LCCN number, only the number used for storage, with the year and then six digits with leading zeros for unused digits, is indexed; many other standard numbers are included in this index)
Subject su: coffee and tea house+
Subject Phrase su= coffeehouses in art
Subject All sa= medical fees canada or medical fees--canada

(phrase search of complete subject heading with all parts, so "medical fees--canada" is searched as a single phrase)

Title ti: music w3 british w3 enlightenment
Title Phrase ti= music theory in the british isles during the enlightenment
Uniform title ut: bible
Uniform Title Phrase ut= selected poems 1930-1972
Update Date up: 20010101

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Year(s) of publication yr: yr:1996-1998

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