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Keyword kw: coffee and doughnuts

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Abstract ab: house+
Accession number no: ej557471
Associated institution :in seychelles
Associated institution phrase in= sallie mae, washington dc
Author au: o'hara

Author phrase au= o'hara, john

ohara john

[last name first]
Corporate author co= council of teachers
Corporate author phrase co= national council of teachers of mathematics, inc., reston, va
Date of entry da: 2005



Descriptor de: tax
Descriptor phrase de= education majors
Document type dt= article ej

document ed

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Education level phrase el= primary education
First page pg: 5
Identifier id: permutation+
Identifier phrase id= pascal triangle
Issue is: 143
Language phrase ln= korean

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Level of availability lv: 1

[Level 1 — Available on microfiche.

Level 2 — Available on microfiche.

Level 3 — Indexed only.]
Notes nt: attitude+
Peer-reviewed pr: yes
Publication date pd: 1990

[browse index for date formats]
Publication type pt: bibliographies
Publication type phrase pt= non-print media
Report number rn: 565ah70023
Source so: math
Source phrase so= nctm math notes
Standard number sn: 0008-820x
Subject su: +curriculum
Subject phrase su= curriculum development
Target audience ta: teachers
Title ti: british isle+
Title phrase ti= summer programs in the british isles
Volume vo: 33
Year yr: 2004

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