Authenticate Users

  • DRA Web2 Authentication

DRA Web2 Authentication


  1. In your EZproxy directory, issue the command:

    ezproxy -md

    EZproxy 3.4 will create two directories, dra and web2, and within the web2 directory, creates two other directories named classic and unicorn. EZproxy places files named ezp1.html and ezp2.html into each directory. If your Web2 server uses macros that start DRA_, use the files from the dra directory. If your Web2 server uses macros that start WEB2_, use the files from the web2/dra directory if you use DRA Classic or the web2/unicorn directory if you use Web2 with Unicorn.

    Earlier versions of EZproxy will create slightly different versions of ezp1.html and ezp2.html. OCLC recommends updating to EZproxy 3.4 to insure compatibility with Web2.

  2. Copy ezp1.html and ezp2.html into the English HTML area on your Web2 server. If EZproxy is running on your Web2 server, simply copy these files. If your EZproxy server is separate from your Web2 server, perform an ASCII transfer of these files to your Web2 server using a method such as FTP.

  3. Test the ezp1.html page by using a browser to go to a URL similar to:

    You will need to customize this URL to match your Web2 installation, changing to the host name of your Web2 server and adjusting /Web2/tramp2.exe as needed to point to your copy of tramp2.exe, and change SETTING_KEY from guest to English or to some other value that is appropriate for your server.

    When you have the correct URL, a page should appear where you can enter your library card number and pin. If you enter these correctly, you should receive another page showing your card's expiration date and patron class.

  4. Once you have determined the correct URL to reach the ezp1.html page, edit user.txt and add a series of lines like:


    changing the URL in the second line to the URL you found in the previous step.

  5. With this in place, you should be able to go your EZproxy login page at a URL like:

    then receive the standard EZproxy login screen. On this screen, enter your barcode as your username and your PIN number as your password. If you enter these correctly, EZproxy should show you the menu page with your databases.

  6. Once this works, you can further modify user.txt like this:

    Type FT,PT,ST,FS

    This change will restrict valid users to those who have a patron class of FT, PT, ST or FS. Anyone in any other patron class should be sent the type.htm file from the docs subdirectory indicating that their card is not valid for access. You can customize this file as appropriate for your institution.

Date format

The date format supplied by Web2 is localized to the format used in your region of the world, but Web2 does not indicate the format, so EZproxy has no way to automatically determine the format of dates it receives. By default, EZproxy assumes that the dates provided are in Month/Day/Year format. If your dates are not in this format, you will need to indicate this to EZproxy by including the "Date" keyword, followed by one of "DMY" for Day/Month/Year format or "YMD" for Year/Month/Day format. A sample use for Day/Month/Year format would look like:

Date DMY

Please note that the "Date" line must appear before the "URL" line.