Technical Notes

  • NetZero HiSpeed

NetZero HiSpeed

The NetZero HiSpeed service works with proxy by hostname using port 80, but it does not work with proxy by port and may not work with proxy by hostname using ports other than 80.

In most instances, an icon has appeared in the system tray in the lower-right corner of the screen which contains an option to disable HiSpeed. Using this option enables service for most users.

There have been reports of users for whom this did not work. For those users, the following instructions have provided a work-around:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools | Internet Options...
  3. Click on the Connections tab
  4. Scroll through the Dial-up settings to locate NetZero, then click on NetZero and click Settings...
  5. Under Proxy Server, click Advanced...
  6. In Exceptions, scroll to the end of the list, then type a semi-colon (;) followed by just the host name of the EZproxy server (e.g., All the other sample entries have an asterisk (*) in front, and although it won't hurt, that isn't required for this entry. Do not include the port number.
  7. Keep hitting OK until all the windows close and you are back in Internet Explorer.

At this point, access to EZproxy should be restored.