Install, Set Up, & Update

When you are ready to install EZproxy, it is best to have your subscription confirmed and your license key, called a WSKey, ready to install. If you have not already received a quote and completed an order form, please visit EZproxy Ordering to take these steps. When your EZproxy order is complete, you will receive instructions to retrieve your WSKey along with your other welcome information. If you have any additional questions about the order, WSKey, or installation process, please email

Download and Installation Steps

EZproxy WSKeys
Download EZproxy

Initial Setup

EZproxy DNS Naming
How Many Ports Does EZproxy Use?
Proxy by Port versus Proxy by Hostname
UPDATED! Proxy by Hostname
Restarting EZproxy
EZproxy Cookie Blocked
Network Address Translation (NAT)
UPDATED! EZproxy Administration
Default Web Pages
Error Pages


Which Version of EZproxy Is on My Server?
Update EZproxy

Technical Notes

Microsoft ISA Server Configuration Details