Manage EZproxy

EZproxy provides many options to customize your software to meet the needs of your institutions. These customizations do not need to be configured for EZproxy to provide your remote users with proxied access to resources; however, these configurations can help you to secure your server, tracks EZproxy usage, and customize your users' experience. These configurations are organized by topic below and also include direct links to a selection of the directive pages related to these topics.

Note: Not all directives related to these topics have been listed here. See the topic Overview pages for a more complete listing.

The EZproxy Administration page is referenced and used by many of these management options. See EZproxy Administration for more information.


EZproxy logs can be customized to provide a wide range of information about how your users use EZproxy. This information can be helpful for general reporting and resource decisions. It can also be invaluable in identifying and addressing security issues.

Log Files Overview


EZproxy directives and configurations offer administrators multiple options for securing your server, monitoring security concerns, and identifying and neutralizing compromised accounts. An overview of security settings and more detailed instructions are contained in the pages listed below.

NEW! Securing Your EZproxy Server
NEW! SSL Certificates and Configuration
NEW! Identifying Compromised Credentials
Importing a Windows Certificate into EZproxy


Limits Overview
MaxVirtualHosts (MV)

Additional Customization Options

Creating Public Forms to Proxied Resources
High Availability
Move EZproxy to a New Server
OPAC Proxying
Selective AuthLoginIP