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How to Request a WSKey

What is a WSKey and why do I need it?

A WSKey (Web Service Key) is the license key that allows you to run your instance of EZproxy. A WSKey is required for all versions of EZproxy 6.0 and later, as the license keys from previous versions of EZproxy will not work with EZproxy 6.0. To request a WSKey for use with EZproxy 6.0, you must have a current annual subscription. If your subscription is not current, your WSKey request will be denied.

Before Getting Started: EZproxy Annual Subscription

If you purchased an annual subscription after July 2013, and that subscription is current, you can request a WSKey now. If you purchased a license prior to July 2013, you will need to update to the new annual subscription model. To do this, you can request a quote, and you will be provided with a quote and information about how to subscribe. If you are uncertain if your subscription is current, please email

After you have purchased your EZproxy annual subscription, you must log in to the OCLC Developer Network to request a WSKey. This document will walk you through the process of requesting this key.

Requesting a WSKey for a test server: EZproxy subscribers do not need to request a separate WSKey to install EZproxy on a test server. Subscribers may reuse their production WSKey to install EZproxy on a test server without impacting their production server in any way. If you are not a current subscriber and wish to obtain a trial WSKey, please complete the EZproxy Trial Request Form.

Requesting WSKeys for multiple subscriptions: If you are an individual institution with multiple EZproxy subscriptions, a group with multiple institutions that subscribe to EZproxy, or a third-party vendor who manages multiple EZproxy subscriptions, you only need to fill out one request for all the keys. Follow all steps outlined below, and follow the instructions in step 4d to request WSKeys for multiple subscriptions.

Creating a Developer Network Account

To request a WSKey, you will need to create a Developer Network account. Fill out the form at Create Account and submit it. To speed the WSKey request process, when creating your Developer Network Account, use your institutional email, so OCLC can confirm your institutional affiliation. If you already have a or Online Service Center account and would like to use that to request your WSKey, please read the following Note to ensure your account credentials are complete so that your request will be fulfilled.

Note: If you are using your account to request a WSKey, you must have both your first and last name entered in your profile in order to successfully submit a request. To verify that this information has been saved in your account, Sign In to your WorldCat account, click your username in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click Edit Profile in the gray box under your username. If you do not have a first and last name entered, do this now, then click Save Profile at the bottom of the screen. You can then sign in to the OCLC Developer Network to request your WSKey.

If you need additional assistance creating your account or requesting your WSKey, please contact OCLC Support in your region.

Requesting your WSKey

1. Navigate to the OCLC Developer Network home page.

2. Scroll over the Develop tab and click Manage your API Keys. You will be asked to sign in. Use your OCLC account username and password.

3. Click Request a WSKey.

4. In the Request a WSKey form, fill out the following fields.

  1. Change the Environment to Production.
  2. Scroll down through Services and check the EZproxy box.
  3. In WSKey Name, enter any name that you would like to use to remember this WSKey. For example, EZproxy WSKey.
  4. In the What is the reason for this request? box enter the name or your institution and any other identifying information so that OCLC can process and approve your request as quickly as possible.
    Note: If you are requesting WSKeys for multiple subscriptions, please provide as much of the following information as applicable: name(s) of subscribed institution(s) that will be using the keys; third-party name/vendor; how many license keys are needed; any additional comments identifying the order.
  5. Enter you Registry ID. (Note: If you do not have an OCLC Registry ID, you can leave this field blank.)
  6. Enter your OCLC Symbol. (Note: If you do not have an OCLC Symbol, you can leave this field blank.)
  7. Disregard both the Redirect URI and Usage fields. For most institutions no entry is needed in these fields. These options should be selected by commercial entities requesting an EZproxy WSKey.
  8. Check the box under the Terms and Conditions after you have read and agree to the EZproxy Terms and Conditions.

Click Create Request.

5. After you click the Create Request button, the following screen will appear. Click the hot-linked Click here to view status details to review your request.

6. You will be returned to the WSKey Management screen with a table showing all of your key requests. You will see your most recent request listed as (Pending), the date on which you created the request, and the status New.

7. Your key request will take 1-2 days to process. You will receive an email after your key has been generated. At this time, you can sign in to the OCLC Developer Network, and click on Manage Your API Keys (as in steps 1 & 2). Click on WSKeys, and you will see the following table. Copy the complete Key displayed on this screen and paste it into your EZproxy instance as directed in the EZproxy Installation instructions.

Note: You will only need to copy and paste the Key. You will NOT need to also enter the Secret.

8. After you have copied and pasted this key into EZproxy, your instance will be licensed and ready to use. If you have any trouble using this key during the EZproxy installation process, please contact OCLC Support in your region

This page last revised: March 16, 2018