OCLC WorldCat Discovery

OCLC WorldCat Discovery requires SSL Configuration and the following database stanza in config.txt:

Title [My Institution] WorldCat Discovery
URL https://[my institution].on.worldcat.org
HJ [registry_id].on.worldcat.org
DJ worldcat.org
Find "https://" + location.hostname + (location.port != "" ? ":" + location.port : "")
Replace "https://^A[my institution].on.worldcat.org"
Find returnLocation = scheme + location.hostname + (location.port != "" ? ":" + location.port : "")
Replace returnLocation = "https://^A[my institution].on.worldcat.org"
Find sendLocation = scheme + location.hostname + (location.port != "" ? ":" + location.port : "")
Replace sendLocation = "https://^s[my institution].on.worldcat.org^"

For every [my institution] in the stanza above, insert the institution used with your WorldCat Discovery instance. For [registry_id] above, insert your institution's registry id.

Also add the following hidden stanza to allow the non-customized pieces of the IDM to be proxied as well as static scripts/images that support WorldCat Local but to not need to be customized. The URL in this stanza is irrelevant; it is only the presence of "DJ worldcat.org" that matters.

Title -Hide WorldCat IDM and static content
URL http://worldcat.org
HJ on.worldcat.org
DJ worldcat.org