Westlaw requires SSL configuration and the following database stanza in config.txt:

Option DomainCookieOnly
Title Westlaw
URL http://www.westlaw.com/{the-rest-of-your-westlaw-url}
HJ campus.westlaw.com
HJ https://campus.westlaw.com
HJ https://login.westlaw.co.uk
HJ https://signon.thomsonreuters.com
HJ https://login.westlaw.ie
HJ https://www.westlaw.com
HJ legalresearch.westlaw.co.uk
HJ login.westlaw.co.uk
HJ login.westlaw.ie
HJ login.westlaw.com.au
HJ login.westlaw.co.nz
HJ westlaw.co.uk
HJ westlaw.ie
HJ www.westlaw.co.uk
HJ www.westlaw.ie
HJ www.westlaw.com.au
HJ www.westlaw.co.nz
HJ www.westlawchile.cl
HJ westlawchile.cl
DJ westlawchile.cl
DJ thomsonreuters.com
DJ westlaw.com
DJ westlaw.co.uk
DJ westlaw.ie
DJ westlaw.com.au
DJ westlaw.co.nz
Option Cookie

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