UpToDate requires the following database definition in the EZproxy config.txt or EZproxy.cfg file:

Title UpToDate
URL http://www.uptodate.com/online/content/search.do?unid=^u&srcsys=<SRCSYS>&eiv=2.1.0
HJ https://www.uptodate.com
HJ https://www.uptodateonline.com
HJ uptodate.com
HJ uptodateonline.com
HJ www.uptodate.com
HJ www.uptodateonline.com
DJ uptodate.com
AllowVars u
EncryptVar u <A SECRET STRING>  

Contact your UpToDate account manager to obtain the "<SRCSYS>" value and additional information on how to complete this integration with UpToDate.

Replace "<A SECRET STRING>" with a random string of characters to use as your key for encrypting the user variable to be sent to UpToDate so that they can keep anonymous statistics.