PubMed requires the following database definition in config.txt:

ProxyHostnameEdit$ www-ncbi-nlm-nih-gov
Option CookiePassThrough
Title PubMed
# provides linking Nature, Springer, Wiley, and others
# provides linking to Elsevier and ScienceDirect
# provides access to Wolters Kluwer licensed resources from PubMed
Find &url=http://
Replace &url=http://^A
Find &url=http://
Replace &url=http://^A
Find fref.fcgi?http://
Replace fref.fcgi?http://^A
Find 'https://' + window.location.hostname
Replace 'https://^^'
Find 'https://' + +
Replace 'https://^^' +
AnonymousURL -*
Option Cookie

The MyNCBI feature in PubMed uses https which requires the SSL configuration on your EZproxy server.

PubMed requires the lines up to DJ to work properly and the Find/Replace lines, although you can modify the URL line to point to your own holdings URL if relevant.

The lines between DJ and the Find/Replace lines are for linking hosts that are used to link from PubMed to content held in licensed databases. You may omit the linking host lines if they are not relevant to your needs.

The linking lines for EBSCOhost that appeared in earlier definitions of PubMed were removed since the standard definition for EBSCOhost contains everything needed to insure that links from PubMed to EBSCOhost will be handled correctly.