OCLC has completed provisional testing on this database definition. Modifications may be required once Ovid completely implements their new environment.

Option CookiePassThrough
HTTPHeader X-XSRF-Token
HTTPHeader Set-Cookie
Title Ovid HTTPS (updated 20181516)
URL http://ovidsp.ovid.com/autologin.html
HJ http://ovidsp.ovid.com
HJ https://ovidsp.ovid.com
HJ ovidsp.ovid.com
HJ http://oce.ovid.com
HJ oce.ovid.com
HJ gateway.ovid.com
HJ https://gateway.ovid.com
HJ insights.ovid.com
HJ https://insights.ovid.com
HJ ovidsp.tx.ovid.com
HJ ovidsp.uk.ovid.com
HJ auth.jbisumari.org
HJ sumari-prod-1.srv.jbisumari.org
HJ login.wolterskluwer.com
HJ pt.wkhealth.com
HJ content.wkhealth.com
HJ assets.ovid.com
DJ jbisumari.org
DJ wolterskluwer.com
DJ ovid.com
DJ wkhealth.com
Find returnUrl=http://
Replace returnUrl=http://^A
Find id="returnUrl" value="http://
Replace id="returnUrl" value="http://^A
Find action="http://
Replace action="http://^A
Option Cookie

These additional lines should be included until the environment migration is complete.

HJ nursing.ovid.com
HJ anatomy.tv
DJ anatomy.tv