Dalloz requires the following database stanza in :

Title Dalloz
MimeFilter application/json .* javascript
URL http://www.dalloz.fr/
HJ dalloz.fr
HJ dalloz-bibliotheque.fr
HJ dalloz-boutique.fr
HJ dalloz-enseignants.fr
HJ dalloz-etudiant.fr
HJ dalloz-formation.fr
HJ editions-dalloz.fr
HJ prepa-dalloz.fr
HJ www.dalloz.fr
HJ www.dalloz-bibliotheque.fr
HJ www.dalloz-boutique.fr
HJ www.dalloz-enseignants.fr
HJ www.dalloz-etudiant.fr
HJ www.dalloz-formation.fr
HJ www.editions-dalloz.fr
HJ www.prepa-dalloz.fr
DJ dalloz.fr
DJ dalloz-bibliotheque.fr
DJ dalloz-boutique.fr
DJ dalloz-enseignants.fr
DJ dalloz-etudiant.fr
DJ dalloz-formation.fr
DJ editions-dalloz.fr
DJ prepa-dalloz.fr
Find "http:\/\/www.dalloz.fr\/
Replace "http:\/\/^pwww.dalloz.fr^\/

This stanza requires EZproxy v5.7 or later for the MIMEFilter directive to work.

If you are using v6.0.8 or above, the MIMEFilter line isn't necessary, though it won't do any harm to leave it in.