Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy requires EZproxy 5.1 or later combined with the following database stanza in config.txt:

Referer acland
Title Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Please note that this database stanza does not contain any Domain (D) or DomainJavascript (DJ) directives. These directives are not used when configuring EZproxy to work with referring URL authentication.

Although this resource is accessed using a typical starting point URL such as:

access to this resource is not proxied. The initial Referer directive enables referring URL authentication for this resource, which directs EZproxy to provide a stable referring URL to the content provider when users access this resource. The referring URL provided will be of the form:


in which is replaced by the name and port of your EZproxy server (the port is omitted if you use LoginPort 80).

If you use https for secure login processing, the referring URL presented by EZproxy to the Acland server will still be an http URL, so do not change http to https in the URL you provide to the content provider.

Although you provide this referring URL to the content provider, you will never access it directly. If you try to use the referring URL directly, you will receive an error that the destination URL is missing.

Once you have this configuration in place, you will need to submit your referring URL to the content provider to have it authorized for access to your account.

The final Referer directive disables referring URL authentication so that any stanzas that appear in the balance of config.txt will be proxied as usual.