Why Is This Important?

SPUEditVar is a rarely used directive that assigns values to variables that are used with SPUEdit directives. SPUEditVar can be used to establish site-specific values that are used in conjunction with generic SPUEdit rules for rerouting access to specific URLs.

SPUEditVar is a position-independent config.txt directive that can appear anywhere in config.txt.


The SPUEditVar takes the following form:

SPUEditVar variable1= value1
SPUEditVar variable2= value2


Qualifier Description
variable#= Defines which number SPUEditVar the value corresponds to.
value1 Defines the value that corresponds with the given, numbered variable.

Use with SPUEdit

The following qualifiers can be used with SPUEdit once an SPUEditVar has been defined.

Qualifier Description
${ variable} Use this to reference defined variables in the replacement portion of SPUEdit directives.
$e{ variable} Use this to reference the variable's URL percent-encoded value.

The following directives interact with or control functions related to this directive:



This page last revised: September 23, 2015