Gartner is a position-independent directive that enables Gartner Client Intranet Portal integration.

Please note that Gartner is only supporting legacy EZproxy connections for existing clients as part of a planned transition to a SAML-based SSO.

CGI authentication requirements

If you use EZproxy CGI authentication, your CGI authentication must provide EZproxy with a unique username for each of your users for this option to work correctly. If you are unclear whether or not this is configured correctly, edit config.txt and add:

Option StatusUser

and then restart EZproxy. Wait a short while until new users should have logged in, and then access the EZproxy Administration page and from there go to the Server Status page. In the session list, if you see a single username for all accounts, your CGI authentication is not working correctly. If this occurs, contact for assistance.


To configure EZproxy to support Gartner Client Intranet Portal integration, perform the following steps:

  1. For Gartner authentication to work, the time on your server needs to be accurate. If the time on your server is off, Gartner may reject the authentication request. To verify the time on your server, access a URL similar to:


    changing to your server's name and port.

  2. Contact Gartner and establish the short name for your institution and the shared secret that will be used to link EZproxy to Gartner. At this time, you also need to give Gartner an email address that will receive a notification every time a new user accesses Gartner for the first time. The short name, shared secret, and registration email address should be sent by email to .
  3. Once Gartner confirms that your configuration is ready, edit config.txt and add a line such as:

    Gartner -Secret= TheEagleFliesAtMidnight shortname

    where TheEagleFliesAtMidnight is the case-sensitive secret and shortname is the short name for your institution.

    You need to restart EZproxy to make this new directive take effect.

  4. To test the new configuration, access a URL similar to:


    changing to your server's name and port. This URL should give you access to the Gartner Client Intranet Portal.

    This link is the version you should use for people who want to access the Gartner Client Intranet Portal. All users who access through this link will be required to log into EZproxy before gaining access, even if accessing from on-site.

Gartner tokens

When your users are authenticated to the Gartner Client Intranet Portal, EZproxy sends a unique token that identifies the user. This token starts with the letter g and is followed by an arbitrary series of letters and digits. If a user violates license terms, Gartner may contact you with this identifier and ask you to work with the user. Should this occur, you can access the EZproxy Administration page and use the option Manager Gartner tokens to cross-reference this identifier back to the username associated with the token.