DbVar is a position-dependent config.txt directive that is part of a database definition and appears anywhere before a Title line. DbVar is used to associate a text string with a database definition. This text string can be incorporated into the text recorded by LogFormat and LogSPU log files.

If DbVar appears by itself, it clears all values in the ten variables. To set a variable, use DbVar followed immediately by a single digit 0 through 9, a space, then an arbitrary text string. These directives should appear before the Title line of the database definition that are meant to affect. These values span multiple database definitions until changed or reset. For example:

DbVar0 General Database
DbVar1 Funded by Some Consortium

Title Some Database
URL http://www.somedb.com/
Domain somedb.com

Title Other Database
URL http://www.otherdb.com/
Domain otherdb.com

DbVar0 Legal Database
DbVar1 Funded by Law College

Title Another Database
URL http://www.otherdb.com/
Domain otherdb.com

In a LogFormat, you can use %{ezproxy-dbvar0} to access the DbVar0 text and %{ezproxy-dbvar1} to access the DbVar1 text.

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