config.txt Directives

  • CASServiceURL



CASServiceURL is a position-dependent directive that interacts with other CASServiceURL directives. Typical placement is toward the top of config.txt.


CASServiceURL is used to configure EZproxy to act as a Central Authentication Service (CAS) server, allowing other CAS client applications to take advantage of EZproxy for user authentication. (As of July 2010, OCLC will no longer support the functionality where EZproxy acts as a CAS server.)

The syntax for CASServiceURL is:

CASServiceURL [-Anonymous] WildcardServiceURL

where -Anonymous is an optional parameter to indicate that EZproxy should send "anonymous" instead of the true username and WildcardServiceURL is a wildcard URL to match against the CAS client's service URL. The wildcard URL is case-insensitive and may use the wildcard ? to match any single character and * to match 0 or more characters. Sample use:


URLs for client

In your CAS client application, you will need to set a login URL and either a validate (CAS 1.x) or service validate (CAS 2.x) URL. To form the required URLs, use these patterns:

replacing with your server's hostname and port.