Configure Resources (config.txt)

The EZproxy config.txt file is the place where you will customize EZproxy settings and configure the resources you would like to allow your users to access remotely. The documentation linked from this page provides details about the directives that can be used to customize EZproxy and how to configure resources using database stanzas. For more detailed documentation about EZproxy settings, including security settings and log options, please see Manage EZproxy.

The EZproxy Administration page is referenced and used by many of these configuration options. See EZproxy Administration for more information.

EZproxy config.txt Directives

This page provides an alphabetical listing of directives that can be used in the config.txt file to configure EZproxy and databases.

Online config.txt Manual

Database Configurations

To gain a complete understanding of how EZproxy's config.txt file works, OCLC suggests reading the pages below in order the first time through as the information in each successive page builds on the last. Once you have a general idea of these concepts, each page can be used as a stand-alone reference.

Config.txt Directives: An Introduction to Database Stanza Directives
Understanding URLs and Database Stanzas
New! Starting Point URL
New! Starting Point URLs and config.txt
New! Groups

Database Stanzas

This page provides a listing of database stanzas known to provide proxied access to the given resource. These are updated and maintained by OCLC. Please contact OCLC Support if one of these stanzas is incorrect.

Database Stanzas

After making any changes toconfig.txt , you must restart EZproxy for those changes to become active.

Note: OCLC does not support IP proxying Flash and Java Applets.

ILLiad and EZproxy Integration

This document provides instructions on how to configure ILLiad to authenticate with EZproxy. If you have questions about the setup, please contact OCLC Support.

Integrating ILLiad with your local authentication system via EZproxy