Windows Error 1067

When installing EZproxy as a service under Windows, you may receive error 1067 when you try to start the service. This is a general error message that indicates that EZproxy failed to start successfully. When this occurs, try the following steps.

  1. Check the messages.txt file to see if any errors were recorded during startup. If so, try correcting the error then restarting the service. One particularly common error is for EZproxy to no longer be able to detect its name correctly, which is reported with an error like this:

    Host name "ezproxy" does not include domain, please manually specify name in config.txt

    If you see the name error, you need to manually specify the complete name of the EZproxy server. See Name for information how to do this.

    If EZproxy still will not start, continue on to step 2.

  2. Open a command prompt window, change your current directory to the EZproxy directory, and then issue the command:

    ezproxy -sd

    EZproxy will either start, or it will display an error message. If it displays an error message, this problem must be corrected before it will be possible to run EZproxy. Once this command can start EZproxy, try restarting the EZproxy service. If it starts, you are done. If not, proceed to step 3.

  3. If EZproxy starts successfully in step 2, then the service probably does not have access to the EZproxy directory. If you are running EZproxy as a service, you must give the System group full control over the directory where EZproxy is installed (or if you use the Services control panel to change the username EZproxy runs under, you must give that username full control over the directory where EZproxy is installed).

If these steps fail to resolve your 1067 error, please contact for further assistance.