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Enquire is a collaborative, real time, 24/7 digital reference subscription service. It delivers an enhanced information service to the public by providing unfettered 24/7 access to library and information professionals through chat and email technology.

Enquire is socially inclusive; available to anyone with a web browser or web-enabled mobile device and Internet access and whose library participates in Enquire. 

Enquire is an accessible chat based service that is staffed globally, managed nationally and delivered locally and epitomises public library collaborative/shared service delivery. 

Enquire offers you the ability to create locally tailored services that all come into one piece of software.

Interesting Questions / Survey Comments

Interesting questions:

"I am visually impaired and like to use the small Clipper audio books. I have read many of the titles in my branch and wonder if it is possible to search the catalogue for these specifically?"

"I am an A Level student conducting a research project in health inequalities and the social determinants of health and am looking for any possible books you could recommend for this topic?"

"I need help in pre-algebra; figuring out to find the quotient of a mixed number and a fraction."

Good survey comments:

"I love this concept! I've never heard of it before today! I've talked to two librarians today and they were both great and a lot of help! It's great to exchange thoughts, opinions, questions and answers!..”

“A really useful service at 22.00 hrs.”


  • NEW!  Humanity rota scheduling tool (online rota managed locally)

          Recording (4 minutes) - How to use Humanity 

          For the basic user PDF please contact UK Support

  • Training Webinars

December 2014 Enquire overview sessions

Session 1. December 1st.  Introduction to Enquire, what it is, local service, SCL Universal Offers and more.


PowerPoint slideshow

Session 2. December 2nd.  Let's get chatting - chat basics, using scripts, using policy pages


PowerPoint slideshow

Session 3. December 3rd.  Offline workflow - answering offline questions, referring to colleagues


PowerPoint slideshow

Session 4. December 8th.  24/7 Reference Cooperative and staffing the 24/7 Reference Cooperative Queue


PowerPoint slideshow

Session 5. December 9th. Administrator training - new user accounts, running and interpreting reports, institution level information


PowerPoint slideshow

Session 6. December 10th.  Creating local services - Qwidget or full form, ad hoc or permanent and the email form


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Subscribers' Corner

The Enquire service is socially inclusive; it is available to anyone with a web browser (or web-enabled mobile device) and Internet access. On this basis Enquire users include any individual with an information query from regular library users to those that have never used the library service before.

Subscribing Authorities - click to expand

  1. Brighton & Hove
  2. Cheshire West & Chester
  3. Cornwall
  4. Essex
  5. Kent
  6. Lambeth
  7. Lancashire
  8. Manchester
  9. Nottingham City
  10. Nottinghamshire
  11. Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
  12. Sandwell
  13. Staffordshire
  14. Warwickshire