WorldCat® Discovery Services support

Welcome to the support page for WorldCat Discovery. Visit these pages to find materials to help you configure and use WorldCat discovery. Bookmark this page to attend live office hours.

Uniquely valued by member libraries, FirstSearch will continue to be offered as a separate service.

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OCLC continues to enhance WorldCat Discovery with features from WorldCat Local and features requested by the WorldCat Discovery community.

In addition to ongoing WorldCat Discovery enhancements, OCLC will continue the full-featured WorldCat searching valued in FirstSearch in a new version of FirstSearch. WorldCat Discovery and the new version of FirstSearch will continue as separate services, and FirstSearch search features will also be available to WorldCat Discovery users. WorldCat Discovery remains the user-facing interface to WorldShare Management Services.

As OCLC works to deliver critical functionality to both WorldCat Discovery and the new version of FirstSearch, access to the current version of FirstSearch will extend beyond the 2016 calendar year into 2017.

Additional details about plans to enhance WorldCat Discovery and release the new version of FirstSearch will be shared as they are confirmed. To receive ongoing updates about enhancements to the WorldCat Discovery service, register for Discovery and Reference email updates.

Also see Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting started

For an overview of the process, see the Getting Started recording (7+ minutes).  

Step one:

Follow the workflow to configure content and staff features. Add patron-facing features, if desired.

Step two:

Find details on searching and interface features including expert searching and options on the "Advanced Search" screen.

WorldCat Discovery office hours

Return here to find any time/date changes for office hours. No prior registration or password is required. Call anytime within the hour.

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 711 276 438 Join the online meeting via WebEx

Questions about the WorldCat knowledge base? Visit office hours for the WorldCat knowledge base with your questions.

>>Find an overview, features and ordering information on the main page for WorldCat Discovery Services.
>>Find instructions for related products by viewing the complete list of support and training sites.

Additional information about accounts

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan users
You have two Service Configuration accounts. The credentials you use to update WorldCat Discovery are different from your WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (WSILL) credentials. You will need to switch browsers or clear browser data in order to log in to the alternate account. Look for text similar to the below in your browser:
     Internet Explorer (IE): Tools (or Safety) - Delete browsing history
     Mozilla Firefox:  History - Clear recent history
     Google Chrome: History (or Settings, Advanced settings) - Clear browsing data
The log in screen,, is divided into two sections/buttons; be sure to click the correct section for WorldCat Discovery or for WSILL. See the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan support site for information about your account.

WorldShare Collection Manager (access to WorldCat knowledge base)
Libraries that decide to use the WorldCat knowledge base will need an account for Collection Manager (the Metadata tab in the WorldShare interface). After you request access, use your library-specific URL:

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