Scheduling Uploads

After your metadata map is adjusted to your satisfaction, you approve it, and your first synchronization (or upload) with WorldCat begins. An initial synchronization schedule for your collection is set at once per quarter, but you can adjust this using the Sync Schedule.

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  1. Accessing the Sync Schedule
  2. Managing the Sync Schedule

For more information, see the tutorial Using the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway.

Accessing the Sync Schedule

After you have approved the metadata map, the Digital Collection Gateway Collection List displays a date for the next scheduled synchronization with WorldCat. This link helps you navigate to the Sync Schedule page.

To access the Sync Schedule

From the Collection List on the Digital Collection Gateway Home page:

Click the Sync Schedule date for the collection. The Sync Schedule page for the selected collection displays.

Viewing Status

The Sync Schedule page provides the date of the last time the collection was harvested and synchronized with WorldCat, as well as the time of the next scheduled synchronization.

A Last Sync date does not display if the collection has never been synchronized.

Managing the Sync Schedule

The Digital Collection Gateway automatically synchronizes with your CONTENTdm collection quarterly by default (if the collection has been enabled and the metadata map has been approved). You can set your collection to synchronize at other regular intervals, on a specific date, or you can choose to start a synchronization immediately (i.e., ad-hoc sync).

Synchronizing with WorldCat Immediately

Starting an immediate synchronization does not save or change the sync schedule. For example, if you have a scheduled synchronization planned for tomorrow, an ad-hoc, immediate sync today would harvest your collection and synchronize it with WorldCat, and the scheduled sync would start tomorrow.

To synchronize immediately

From the Sync Schedule page, click Sync with WorldCat Now. The Collection List page displays and the collection status is updated to “Syncing.” (You can click Refresh List to check for updated status.)

Changing the Sync Schedule

Synchronizations are scheduled quarterly by default.

To change the synchronization schedule

  1. From the Sync Schedule page, select a new interval for synchronization or select a specific date for the next synchronization by entering a date (mm-dd-yyyy format) or by clicking the calendar icon and choosing a date from the calendar view.

    Note: Specifying a date does not change the default interval for future synchronizations.

  2. Click Save to save the change. The change is saved and the Collection List page displays, with the Sync Schedule date updated for the selected collection.