Accessing and Managing the Collection Profile

After you have enabled collections on your CONTENTdm Server for WorldCat Sync and have registered with the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway, those collections that you enabled have a profile. The profile is a collection of settings and information, including record processing, synchronization details, and metadata mapping.

For more information, see the tutorial Using the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway.

When you view the collection profile, you view:

  • Collection Details

    • Collection Identifier. The CONTENTdm collection alias.

    • Collection Display Name. The display name for the collection in CONTENTdm.

    • Active. Whether the collection is enabled for WorldCat Sync on the CONTENTdm Server.

      • WorldCat Record Processing. How the collection records will be processed as they are uploaded to WorldCat. You can choose from two modes:

        • Replace All: Each time the Digital Collection Gateway harvests the collection metadata to synchronize with WorldCat, all records are updated. All items that are edited, added or deleted will be edited, added or deleted in WorldCat. All previous records are overwritten with each harvest. Recommended if you are using CONTENTdm for metadata editing.

        • Add New Only: Only new records are harvested. No existing WorldCat records are updated. Recommended if you use Connexion as your primary method of editing records. In this workflow, "seed" records are uploaded from CONTENTdm and updates are performed on the records using Connexion.

        To change the WorldCat record processing setting select a setting, then click Save. The page refreshes, displaying the new setting selection.

  • OCLC Symbol. The OCLC institution symbol that will be associated with each record uploaded to WorldCat. This OCLC symbol is used to identify the "cataloging institution" in the WorldCat record and to identify the "holding institution" in WorldCat. The OCLC symbol value is initially set to the OCLC symbol used when registering with the Gateway. You can look up OCLC symbols at

    Note: You cannot edit the OCLC symbol for this collection after the collection is sync'd with WorldCat the first time. You can only edit the OCLC symbol before the initial synchronization.

  • Include collection-level record in WorldCat

    • Yes: If you've created a WorldCat Sync collection-level record for this collection in CONTENTdm Administration, this record is uploaded to WorldCat.

      Note: The Digital Collection Gateway uses a common, Qualified Dublin Core to WorldCat metadata map for all collection-level records. You cannot modify the mapping using the Gateway.

    • No: No collection-level record is uploaded to WorldCat.

    • Preview: You can also see what the collection-level record will look like in WorldCat by clicking the Preview link.

  • Sync Details

    • Last Scheduled Sync. The last time the Digital Collection Gateway harvested collection metadata and synchronized it with WorldCat.

    • Next Scheduled Sync. The next scheduled time that the Digital Collection Gateway will harvest collection metadata and synchronize it with WorldCat.

    • WorldCat Syncs Frequency. The scheduled frequency of harvesting. Default is once a quarter. The frequency can be as often as monthly or as infrequent as once a year. (You can also choose immediate synchronization which doesn’t affect any scheduled synchronizations. For more information, see Scheduling Uploads.)

    • Latest Sync Status. Provides a link to a report of the latest synchronization, if one exists.

    • View Sync History. Provides a link to the Reports page.

    • Edit Sync Schedule. Provides a link to the Sync Schedule page. The link displays only when the collection has an approved map and a sync schedule established.

    For more information about synchronizing, see Scheduling Uploads.

  • Metadata Map

    • Approved for WorldCat Sync. Displays whether the metadata map has been approved. The Edit Metadata Map link provides access to view how source records are displayed in WorldCat.

    For more information, see Mapping Metadata.

To access the collection profile

You can log in directly to the Digital Collection Gateway by going to, or you can access it through CONTENTdm Administration.

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration.

  2. Click the Server tab.

  3. Click Harvesting. The Server Settings page displays. If the server had been registered with the Digital Collection Gateway, a Login link displays in the WorldCat Sync section of the page.

  4. Click Login. The Digital Collection Gateway Login page displays.

  5. Enter your user name and password and then click Sign In. The WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway Home page displays.

  6. From the Active Collections list, click the View link for the Collection Profile. The profile page for the selected collection displays.