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Using the CONTENTdm Administrators Group

A Windows group is created upon installation of the CONTENTdm server that allows Windows administrators to easily add users. This allows CONTENTdm to be integrated into your organization's authentication scheme without the overhead required to maintain additional user accounts on the local server.

When the CONTENTdm server is installed, a Windows group called CONTENTdm Administrators is created.

The group is granted proper privileges to the CONTENTdm server directory cgi-bin/admin.

The local administrator, the one who installs CONTENTdm, has full control in this directory. The local administrator has full CONTENTdm user rights, including the ability to administer all other users.

The local administrator then grants user rights to existing Windows user accounts. See Adding New Users.

When a CONTENTdm administrator adds and edits user rights, the server checks:

  • Whether the group CONTENTdm Administrators exists.
  • Whether the group has permissions within cgi-bin/admin.

If both checks are successful, then the user is added to the group. A message saying that the addition was successful is displayed. If one or both of the checks is not successful, a message will be displayed telling the local administrator to add the user account to the CONTENTdm Administrators group through Windows Computer Management tools.