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Using Domain Accounts with Windows

A domain is a group of computers that share user and security information. Domain accounts can be added manually by a CONTENTdm administrator. A domain account will only work on a computer that is connected to the network.

Adding domain accounts requires that you are to administer user rights within CONTENTdm Administration. You must also have local administrator privileges on the server. If you do not have the ability to administer user rights within CONTENTdm, the add user functionality will not be accessible.

To add users using domain accounts:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration by clicking CONTENTdm Administration from the Administration menu within the Project Client. Or access CONTENTdm Administration by navigating to http://your.server.address/cgi-bin/admin/start.exe with your Web browser.

  2. Select the Server tab and click Users.

  3. Click Add User. The Add new user page opens.

  4. Enter the domain name and the user name of the user in the Enter User Name box. Use the format domain\user name. For example, if you have a user with an account name of CJones on your domain account named Files, enter Files\CJones.

  5. Select the collection rights that you wish the user to have. Select the collections that you wish the user to administer. Click Add. See Adding New Users.

The domain user is now added to CONTENTdm. You may wish to confirm that the domain user is a member of the CONTENTdm Administrators group.

To verify the newly added domain user works correctly, connect to the CONTENTdm Administration page (http://your.server.address/cgi-bin/admin/start.exe). Enter the new domain user name when prompted.

When entering the user name and password in the Project Client, be certain to enter domain\user name as the user name. If the user name is entered without the domain, the operating system will look on the local machine to authenticate and authentication will fail.