Working with Users

When you work with users in CONTENTdm, you assign rights within CONTENTdm for users that already exist in WorldCat. Your account must have the right to administer user rights to work with users.

When you first subscribed to CONTENTdm, your welcome letter referenced an initial system administrator account with all server and collection rights. That person can add additional users and assign all administrative rights. You can create as many users with administrative rights as you need. There must always be one user with the ability to administer user rights.

Learn about:

  1. Adding New Users
  2. Managing Users
If your CONTENTdm server is installed locally on a Windows platform, see  Using the CONTENTdm Administrators Group and  Using Domain Accounts with Windows.
If your CONTENTdm server is installed locally on Linux, you must first create Apache accounts for the users to be added to CONTENTdm Administration and assigned administration rights.