Importing an Existing Non-CONTENTdm Collection

Importing an existing non-CONTENTdm collection is part of CONTENTdm server administration. If you do not have CONTENTdm server administration rights, the server tab will not be hyperlinked.

Importing an existing non-CONTENTdm collection is similar to importing a new collection. You must have the same privileges to import a non-CONTENTdm collection as creating a new collection. This includes having local administrator privileges on the server in order to create the files for the new collection.

When importing an existing non-CONTENTdm collection, create a new collection and then import the existing collection into the new collection. You must be able to create a tab-delimited text file of the existing metadata in the collection. In the Project Client, import multiple files into the project, adding the metadata using the tab-delimited text file. See Importing Data from Another Database.

There are two requirements for preparing the data you wish to load:

  • You must be able to produce a tab-delimited text file containing the collection's text information.

  • One of the fields in the tab-delimited text file must contain the file names of the items in the collection.

To import a non-CONTENTdm collection:

  1. Create a new collection on your CONTENTdm server.

  2. Create a project in the Project Client for the new collection.

  3. Select Add Multiple Files from the Import menu. See Add Multiple Files.

If you are successful at creating the collection, the new collection will appear in the Collection list.

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