Adding a New Collection

You must have server administrator user rights to access Server Administration. If you do not have server administration rights, the server tab will not be active.

When a new collection is created, CONTENTdm creates a directory structure that allows images to be imported, metadata to be stored, and an index to be created. You can add a maximum of 400 collections per server.

When you create a collection, specify a directory name. If that directory already exists and is empty, CONTENTdm will add the collection directory structure to it. If the directory contains files and or subdirectories, CONTENTdm displays an error and the collection is not added.

Adding a Collection

When you create a new collection, ensure that you specify a directory in a location where the server has rights to create new directories and files.

Using the CONTENTdm Administration Web interface to add a new collection:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration and select the Server tab.

  2. Click Collections.

    Existing collections are listed in order of creation unless they have been moved.

  3. Click Add Collection.

  4. Select Create a new collection using, and from the dropdown choose the collection template you want to use (for example, Simple Dublin Core).

    If you create a new collection based on an existing collection template, all of your collection level administration rights and security settings will be copied. Item level security settings will not be copied.

  5. Enter Collection name.

    The collection name is the title of the collection. The maximum number of characters allowed in a collection name is 80. The collection name cannot include any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |

  6. Enter Collection alias.

    The alias is the unique identifier for the collection. Create a short alias to avoid browser limitations when searching across large numbers of multiple collections. The maximum number of characters allowed in a collection alias is 12. The alias cannot include any of the following characters: \ : * ? " < > |

  7. Enter Directory name.

    Directory name is the full path of where your items will be stored. The maximum number of characters allowed in the full path is 255. Use a directory name that matches the collection alias. The name cannot include any of the following characters: * ? " < > |

    To see the existing configuration from current collections, select profile from the collections tab.

If you are successful at creating the collection, the new collection will appear in the Collection list.

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