This page provides a high-level look at the CONTENTdm Server. Access this page to view the current server version, license information, the number of items on the server, registration status and the number of items allowed.

You must have server administrator user rights to access Server Administration and the About CONTENTdm page.

The following information is available on the About page.

  • Version – The version of the CONTENTdm server currently used. The version number is automatically updated when you apply server updates.

  • Total number of items on server – The total number of items in all collections on the server.

  • Maximum number of items allowed – The maximum number of items allowed on the server based on your current license.

  • License code – The current license code used on the server. (Click the Edit link to enter or update the license code.)

  • License expiration – The expiration date for the current license, if any.

  • Registration – The status of your CONTENTdm Server registration. (Click Register to register your site with OCLC. This sends your server information to a secure OCLC server. This information is used to call your server once a month to gather statistics on the number of collections and items on your server.)

  • More information – A link to the CONTENTdm Website.

To view About CONTENTdm:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration by clicking CONTENTdm Administration from the Administration menu within the Project Client. Or access CONTENTdm Administration by navigating with your Web browser to:


  2. Click the Server tab and then click About. The About CONTENTdm page opens.


To enter or update your CONTENTdm Server license code:

From the About page:

  1. Click the License code Edit link. The CONTENTdm License Code page opens.

2. Enter or edit your CONTENTdm Server license code and click Submit to authorize.

To register your CONTENTdm Server:

From the About page:

1. Click the Register link. The About page reloads and the registration status is updated.


Note: The Admin Home page in CONTENTdm Administration also provides a reminder to register your CONTENTdm Server.