Server Administration

Server Administration is part of CONTENTdm Administration. CONTENTdm Server Administration is accessed via a Web interface using a browser. You must have server administration rights to use all items in this section. Depending on your access rights, you may not have access to all the functions described in this section.

Tasks associated with server administration include adding and importing collections, deleting collections, assigning rights to users, viewing reports and server statistics, and harvesting your metadata using WorldCat Sync or OAI.

Access Server Administration from the Administration menu in the Project Client or by opening your browser and navigating to your CONTENTdm server URL or IP address followed by /cgi-bin/admin/start.exe. Log in with your CONTENTdm administrator password. For more information, see Accessing Server Administration.

Learn about:

  1. Accessing Server Administration
  2. Working with Collections
  3. Working with Users
  4. Reports
  5. WorldCat Sync
  6. OAI Support
  7. Streaming Media Support
  8. About CONTENTdm

For information about configuring the display of item and object viewers for all collections on the server, see Configuring the Website.