Closing & Deleting a Project

Closing a project saves any saved items in the project spreadsheet and your project settings. The project can be opened again to work with later. Deleting a project deletes all settings and items in the project spreadsheet and removes the project name from menus that enable you to access projects.

Note: Deleting a shared project removes access to the project for all users, not just from your Project Client workstation.

To close a project:

  • From the Project menu, select Close.

To delete a project:

You must close the project before you delete it. (You can be working in a different project, but the project you intend to delete must be closed.)

  1. From the Project menu, select Delete. The Delete Project Dialog displays.

  2. From the list of projects for the selection collection, select the name of the project to delete.

  3. Click Delete. A confirmation dialog displays to confirm the deletion. Click OK to confirm and delete the project.