Project Options

The Project Options page enables you to set the following options for working with the Project Client in the open project:

  • How you want to upload items from the Project Client

  • Managing and tracking volumes for archival files

  • Options for spell checking metadata

  • The number of controlled vocabulary terms to download to the Project Client

To access the Project Options page:

Access the Project Settings Manager, and click the Project Options tab. The Project Options page displays.

To edit Project Options settings:

Specify settings and click OK to save and close the Project Settings Manager.

Setting Definition Options
Upload Method Enables you to set whether items in the project should be uploaded to a server using a hypertext transfer protocol or to a directory location.

For more information, see Changing the Upload Method.
Use HTTP or HTTPS to upload items in this project to the server (default)

Upload items in this project to a directory location
Archival File Management Enables you to manage and track volumes for archival files.

This option is only available if enabled by your collection administrator. For more information about working with archival files and editing Archival File Manager settings for the collection, see Archival File Manager.
Archival volume location

(Click Close Current Volume to close the current volume and automatically open a new one)
Spell Check Defines whether spell check should check full text fields, whether spelling mistakes should be displayed as you work in the metadata text editor, and other advanced options, including setting the main dictionary language.

For more information about spell check, see Using Spell Check.
Do not spell check full text fields

Show spelling errors automatically as you work in the the metadata text editor

(Click Advanced to access more options)
Controlled Vocabulary Download Specifies the number of controlled vocabulary terms that should be downloaded to the Project Client. You may want to reduce the number to improve performance.

For more information about controlled vocabularies, see About Working with a Controlled Vocabulary.
Number of terms to download:

15000 (default)