Find in Collection

The Find in Collection page enables you to set preferences for the search and browse results display when working in the Project Client Find in Collection tab.

To access the Find in Collection page:

To edit Find in Collection preferences:

Specify settings and click OK to save and close the Project Settings Manager.

Setting Definition Options

Specifies whether to download thumbnail images in results.

Hiding thumbnails may improve performance.

Display image thumbnails in results (default)
Results display and layout Enables you to set which metadata fields are displayed and the column order (from left to right). The same preferences apply to both search and browse results. (Click Specify results display columns and layout to display the Edit Columns property page.

Add or remove fields from the Fields to Show box and move selected fields up or down to rearrange the presentation order [from left to right in results display].)
Alternate search term suggestions

Enables alternate spelling suggestions display when no results are found based on the search terms entered.

Enabling alternate search terms suggestions can make searching more efficient.

Always try to provide alternate spelling suggestions, if no results are found. (default)