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Using Custom Display Images

If your collection is set to generate display images from full resolution images or if you choose to do so while adding items and objects in the Project Client, a compressed version in JPEG or JPEG2000 format is automatically created using the settings set on the Images and Thumbnails page of the Project Settings Manager. Display images optimize the end-user display, and you can use the Archival File Manager to handle the storage of full resolution versions of those images (i.e., to set up and manage archive volume locations).

You may want to use your own custom, preprocessed display images rather than the display images that are generated automatically by CONTENTdm. This option enables you to use images you have previously color-corrected, cropped, or resized. Adding preprocessed display images at the same time as your full resolution images requires the Archival File Manager to be enabled by your collection administrator. Once the enabled, the option to add preprocessed display images is displayed when you add items to your project.

To replace generated display images with custom display images:

  1. In the Project Spreadsheet, find the item and right-click to select Replace Item. The Replace Item dialog displays.

  2. Browse to the custom display image file you want to use and click OK.

  3. On the Replace Item dialog, DO NOT select Create Display Image.

  4. Click OK to replace the image and close the dialog. The Project Spreadsheet displays the new custom display image as a thumbnail.

Note: Replacing the display image does not replace the archival file (original, full resolution version) It replaces the display and thumbnail images only. If you want to use custom thumbnails, see Using Custom Thumbnails.