Checking for Spelling Errors

You can check for spelling errors when using the Project tab’s project spreadsheet or the Item Editing tab’s metadata editor.

If checking for spelling errors in the Item Editing tab, the spell check engine begins at the first metadata field.

If checking for spelling errors in the project spreadsheet, spell check starts at the first cell in the first record, moving from left to right until all cells are checked before moving to the next record.

As you are checking, add words to your user dictionary, which is stored in the same location as your project.

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To check spelling within the project spreadsheet or the item metadata editor is open:

  1. Click Spell Check from the toolbar.

  2. When Spell Check finds a word that is not in the spell check dictionary, check the Suggestions list for possible matches.

To edit spell check settings:

  1. From the Project menu, select Project Settings Manager and then click Project Options. The Project Settings Manager Project Options page displays.

  2. Edit selections or click Advanced to see more options, including what to ignore, the main dictionary to use, and suggestion speed.

  3. Click OK to save your settings and close the Project Settings Manager.