Activating & Resetting OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is provided by the CONTENTdm OCR Extension, powered by the ABBYY® FineReader®. You need to activate your FineReader license before using the OCR Extension.

To have a license code, you must have purchased the CONTENTdm OCR Extension. You must be connected to the Internet to activate or reset your OCR license.

To activate OCR:

  1. Access the Project Settings Manager, and click the OCR tab. The OCR page displays.

  2. Click Activate to display the License Manager dialog box.

  3. Enter your 20-character serial number (the number is not case-sensitive). Click OK. The License Manager displays.

  4. Click Activate. The Activation Wizard opens.

  5. Check the license activation method of via Internet, and click Next.

  6. Confirm your computer is connected to the Internet, and click Next. After the license has successfully activated (it may take a moment), a success message is displayed.

  7. Click Finish.

  8. Close the Project Client, and then restart the Project Client.

  9. Confirm that OCR has been activated.

Checking OCR Activation

To check that OCR has been activated for your Project Client

  1. Access the Project Settings Manager, and click the OCR tab. The OCR page displays.

  2. Confirm that the OCR Extension is activated (the OCR license code should be visible, and you can check the number of remaining pages you can process for the month, selected recognition languages, and whether fast mode is selected).

Resetting OCR Activation

If you need to decommission an OCR license or if activation fails, you can reset the FineReader license by clearing the OCR license and activating it again. Use caution when clearing an OCR license (see note below).

Note: Each license code can be activated once. If you clear and reactivate a license code more than once (for example, to install the extension on a different machine), contact CONTENTdm Support.

Note: Microsoft Windows XP requires Admin privileges to clear an OCR license.

To reset OCR activation

  1. From the OCR page, click Clear OCR License. A confirmation dialog box displays.

    Caution: If you clear and reactivate a license more than once, the activation will fail and you will need to contact Support for assistance.

  2. Click Yes to confirm. The OCR page displays.

  3. Click OK, and then access the OCR page again to view the updated OCR settings.