About Working with Full Text

Use Full Text Search for transcripts of documents, letters, books, or other items that contain large amounts of text. When full text searching is enabled, users can search within compound objects and view page images and transcript text side by side in tabs. The CONTENTdm administrator can choose how the full text is displayed in the public interface by using the Website Configuration Tool.

To enable these features, the administrator must define a Full Text Search field by editing the collection field properties in CONTENTdm Administration.

CONTENTdm automatically extracts text from Portable Document Format (PDF) and Finding Aids and enters the data into the first full text field of a collection. For other file types, full text can be added using separate text files or OCR (requires the OCR Extension).

Learn about:

  1. Working with transcript files through the Project Client
  2. Using OCR when adding files to a Project Client project (requires the OCR Extension)