Entering Metadata

Metadata can be added to single items after they are added to your project spreadsheet or added to multiple items before they are imported into your project spreadsheet. When adding multiple items, you can enter metadata with a tab-delimited text file.

After adding items, you can add metadata to individual items by typing text directly into the project spreadsheet. Or you can open individual items or objects in an Item Editing Tab and then type or import text.

Before adding items to your project, you can create default text common to a set of items by using the Metadata Templates, or mark items with a brand, watermark, or band, by configuring the Image Rights settings.

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CONTENTdm automatically generates hyperlinks for metadata with the following protocols:

  • http (HyperText Transfer Protocol) — Standard protocol for transmitting Web pages on the Internet.

  • https (HTTP Over SSL/TLS) — Protocol enabling the secured transmission of Web pages.

  • mms (Multimedia Message Service) — A method for transmitting graphics, video clips, sound files and short text messages over wireless networks.

  • ftp (file transfer protocol) — A method for sending files from one computer to another on TCP/IP networks such as the Internet.

  • mailto — Method that activates an e-mail program.