Editing Items in a Collection

Using the Project Client, you can retrieve and edit items from your CONTENTdm collection. This enables users without administration privileges to make changes to a collection.

First, search for the items and download them from the collection into the Project Client project. Next, edit the items. Then, upload the items to the pending queue for approval and addition to the collection database.

To replace files rather than edit metadata, see either Replace Single Files in a Collection or Replace Multiple Files in a Collection.

To add OCR to items in a collection, see Adding OCR to Items in a Collection.

Note: When you download items from a collection into your project, the items are locked from editing by other users but are still available for viewing in the Web interface.

To edit items:

  1. Open the Project Client project that is associated with the collection you wish to edit.

  2. Click the Find in Collection tab.

  3. Browse for the items in the collection by clicking Browse Collection or conduct a search by typing keywords in the search box and clicking Search. (Or construct a more detailed search by clicking Advanced Search.)

    Tip: You can change the number of search results shown per page. Click the drop-down list next to the Search button to select from 100, 500, 1000 or 5000 results per page.

    For more information about using the advanced search or the other features in the Find in Collection tab, see Using the Find in Collection Tab.

    Search and browse results are displayed.

  4. Locate the item(s) to edit, and select the checkbox. Then click Add to Project (Edit).

    The selected items are added to the Project Spreadsheet and a locked icon displays and the item rows change color on the Find in Collection tab.

    Note: Although you can add more than 10,000 items at a time, we recommend downloading less than 10,000 items at a time from the server to maintain acceptable download times.

  5. Click the project tab and edit the items(s). When you have finished editing the items, select the items and click Upload for Approval. Items will be sent to the pending queue for approval.

If you exit the current project while still editing items, your items are saved until they are uploaded to the pending queue.

If you download and then delete an item from your project (whether or not you make any changes), the item is unlocked and returns to its original state within the collection.

Project additions, updates, and deletions are automatically saved to your project when you close it.