About Generating Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the small images that you view when you browse or search a collection. Thumbnails also are displayed when working with items in the Project Client.

When images and PDF files are added to Project Client projects, CONTENTdm tries to generate thumbnail representations of the items. For image files, such as JPEGs, the Project Client uses a scaled-down version of the image itself. By default, CONTENTdm also automatically creates thumbnails for other file types; you can change this setting by using the Project Settings Manager. If the Project Client is unable to generate a thumbnail, the Project Client uses a standardized thumbnail to represent the file type.

You can create custom thumbnails for individual items, or edit Thumbnail Settings in the Project Settings Manager to edit the standard thumbnails and associated file types, or add your own standardized thumbnails.

When you are ready to create predefined queries in a collection, you can specify that the search results display only titles without thumbnail images. To learn more about creating queries, see the Custom Queries and Results tutorial (PDF).

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