Add Data from Another Database

Using the Project Client, you can import data from other databases into CONTENTdm. Export the data from your third-party database to a tab-delimited file and then import multiple files with tab-delimited text files.

Consult your database's documentation for instructions on how to export your data to a tab-delimited file format. For information about tab-delimited text files, see Using Tab-delimited Text Files.

Before you begin

When exporting data from third-party software to CONTENTdm, apply the following guidelines:

  • Field name mapping need not be 1:1. Multiple tab-delimited fields may map to a single CONTENTdm collection field, or you might have fewer fields in your tab-delimited file than in your CONTENTdm collection.

  • The data imported from your third-party software into CONTENTdm must contain a field that maps to the Title field of your CONTENTdm collection.

See Troubleshooting Tab-delimited Text Files for help resolving problems.