About Mapping Fields

When you use tab-delimited files to add metadata to a Project Client project, you must map the fields that you are adding to the fields in the collection database that you will be uploading to.

On the screen's left side are the fields that you are adding. On the screen's right side are the database fields of the collection where the items of the project are imported into.

CONTENTdm maps the imported field names to the collection field based on the order of the fields. Scroll through all of the fields and confirm that the added field is mapped to the appropriate collection field.

To choose another field:

  • Click the drop-down list to view the options.

  • If do not want to import a field, select None from the collection field drop-down list next to the field you do not want to map.

When mapping data:

  • More than one added field can be mapped to the same collection field, except for the file name or URL. If two fields are mapped to the same collection field, a semicolon and a space separate the contents of the field when the item is imported into the project spreadsheet.

  • If adding a file, map one field only to the file name field.

  • If adding a URL, map one field only to the URL field.

  • One or more fields must map to the Title field of your collection.

  • If using a Date data type field, the contents must be in the format mm/dd/yyyy.