Exporting a Metadata Subset

Using the Edit function in CONTENTdm Administration you can search for specific items and compound objects and then export the results to:

You can also click Browse Collection to select all items in a collection and use the export function.

Note: You can export PDF compound objects, but you cannot export the individual pages of a PDF compound object. The individual pages of PDF compound objects do not exist separately on the server; they are extracted and displayed only when the user requests them.

To export a metadata subset:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration. Then, click on the Items tab and click Edit.

  2. Type your search criteria in one or more of the text boxes. You can search across all fields, search selected fields, or search by proximity.

  3. Click Search. The results page opens.

  4. If you wish to export all results, in all of the results pages, click Export All.

    If you wish to export selected items, click the checkboxes next to the items that you wish to export and click Export. The export function only exports items selected on the current page.

  5. Tip: Change the number of items displayed per page by navigating to the Edit page and selecting a number from the Display results drop-down list.

  6. The Export metadata page opens.

  7. Select the export method. Click Next. The Export successful window opens.

  8. Save the exported file(s) by right-clicking on the links and using your browser's save function.